April 18th Sale Preview!

Our April sale will be Saturday, April 18, at 11:00 am ET. 

When it is 11:00 am EXACTLY, you can access the entire sale HERE:


Here are the items that will be available specifically in this sale (regular shop items are still available, of course)


Unpainted Resin Minis - Aegean Shimmer Burd ($18), and Heliotrope Smidgen ($18)

Unpainted resins: "English Breakfast" limited edition Edison and Smidgen. Tea-colored resin with golden sparkles.  Each comes in a mesh teabag with custom tag. ($18)


Hand-painted Octopups by Chris Ryniak. Green and blue - $225 each


Hand-painted Staggle by Chris Ryniak ($75)

Hand-painted Nettlepup by Chris Ryniak, comes with handmade faux "Bindlewood" Custard Cream. $80 

Hand-painted Pipsqueaks (Blue and Green) by Amanda Louise Spayd, each comes with a faux "Bindlewood" Custard Cream.  $75

Handpainted "Toasted" pieces by Chris Ryniak - Burblebum ($225), Smidgen ($50), Dewdrop ($50), and Helix ($50)

Handpainted Aqua Helix ($50)



Hallow's Eve Auguste (Ver. 2.0, has slightly different ruffle than the first edition of these, otherwise it is the same!) $150 each


See you Saturday!  

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