March "Stuck Inside" Sale Preview!

Our March "Stuck Inside" sale will be Sunday, March 29, at 9pm ET. 

When it is 9pm EXACTLY, you can access the entire sale HERE:


Here are the items that will be available specifically in this sale (regular shop items are still available, of course)


Thimblestump Hollow:  Ice Cream Social Smowlbat



Unpainted Resin Minis - From left to right: Aegean Shimmer Pipsqueak ($18), Chai Staggle ($25), Heliotrope Belfry ($18), and Super Sparkle Foogbiffler ($15)


Handpainted Minis by Amanda Louise Spayd:

Gold Dust Pipsqueak (with glittery glass eyes!) - ($50)

Polaris Belfry - $50

Gummi Peach Pipsqueak - $50

Bone China Belfry - $50

Original Handmade Dust Bunny: "Good Morning Sunshine"

One of a kind - $525


Original handmade Dust Bunny:  "Time for Tea"

One of a kind: $525

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