About Us

Amanda Louise Spayd’s mixed-media work combines the textures and colors of antique domestic objects, the natural world, and an obsessive attention to detail. At once endearing and unsettling, her fabric creatures evoke ideas of cast-off children’s toys and ill-conceived taxidermy experiments with crooked human teeth.

Because of their aged, antique appearance, one is left to wonder about the origin, past experiences, and past lives of these creatures. Do they look like this because they were abandoned, or because they were literally loved to pieces? The idea of an unknown past story, combined with the possibilities of their future, is a central theme of her work. Her work is highly sought after by collectors around the globe, and she has exhibited her work in galleries, boutiques, and conventions across the United States, as well as Europe and Japan. 


Chris Ryniak was born in 1976 in the suburbs of Detroit. He spent his childhood basking in the warm glow of Saturday morning cartoons and flipping over rocks in search of insects, reptiles and ghosts. A sculptor and painter of all manner of critters, he has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world. His work has also been published in numerous books and periodicals in the US as well as in Europe and Singapore. Chris is also a toy-designer and sculptor of numerous instantly sold-out editions of designer art toys and figures.

Steve Brown manages shipping and logistics for Bindlewood, and brings 20 years of experience in the toy manufacturing industry. He’s widely recognized as one of the most innovative and prolific yoyo players in the world (no, really), and runs YoYoNews.com, which is exactly what you think it is. 

His wife is very supportive of all this lunacy, and his kids now have the unrealistic expectation that all adults are yoyo masters who make toys and monsters for a living.