Entry Ticket for Purchase FAQ

Bindlewood Purchase Lotteries


  1. Each Dust Bunny will have its own “entry ticket” listing on bindlewood.com. If you would like to be in the running for the chance to purchase one, simply add it to your cart like you would when buying a product.  You can add Tickets for more than one of the Dust Bunnies, but you can only add ONE of each.  Trying to add more than one ticket for each Dust Bunny will NOT increase your chances.
  2. Check out as if you were buying products.  The system will be the same as any other order; you will have to enter your information, email, etc.
  3. You will receive an email confirmation which contains your ORDER NUMBER. This is the number which we will be randomly drawing to see who wins the chance to purchase. 
  4. We will randomly draw numbers from a bucket  (I mean this literally, we are doing this part old-school!)
  5. If your number is chosen, congratulations! We will contact you and direct you through the process of purchasing the Dust Bunny corresponding to your Entry Ticket.
  6. In the rare case that we draw the same order number for two different Dust Bunnies, that person will be contacted and asked to choose one to purchase, and we will draw another number.
  7. We will publicly post the winning order numbers on social media, so that everyone can know whether or not their number was chosen.


So basically: “Buy” a free item in the store which acts as your entry ticket, wait until we randomly draw numbers, and if you are the winner, you will hear from us!


Good luck!