Lotteries for Purchase FAQ

Bindlewood Purchase Lotteries

Often when we sell original, one-of-a-kind artwork, we will use a lottery system.  This is the most fair way we've found to do this, because it guarantees that everyone gets an equal chance to purchase, regardless of time zone or internet speed.  

Once you enter the lottery, you simply wait until the software randomly selects an entry. Whomever's name is selected will be notified in the "Giveaways-Raffles" channel by our GiveawayBot.

Instructions for entering Bindlewood purchase lotteries:

1) Join Discord

If you aren't on Discord, don't worry, it's easy to sign up! All you have to do is follow the link below, enter your details to create an account, and you'll be an official member of the Bindlewood Clubhouse!



2) Open the "Giveaways-Raffles" Channel

Once you're in the Discord, you can navigate the different sections of our server by clicking (or tapping on mobile) in the list of channels on the list. 


Open up the channel called "Giveaways-Raffles". Please note that even though it is called "Giveaways", unless specifically noted, these are lotteries for the right to purchase items at the price specified). Price does NOT include shipping, which will be calculated at the end of the lottery. 



3) Enter the Lottery (or Lotteries)

In the "Giveaways-Raffles" channel, scroll until you find the piece(s) you'd like to enter the lottery for.  If you'd like to enter, click/tap on the party horn icon in the lower left of the product image.  You might see other emojis there, but the icon for entering is ALWAYS THE PARTY HORN!  

4) Wait for the end of the Lottery

After you've entered, just come back when the lottery time ends and see if you've won. If your name was selected, our Administrator (@unklesteve) will contact you via Direct Message on Discord and send you to where you can securely pay for the item.


To access your Discord Direct Messages, click/tap on the "home" icon in the top left (looks like the Discord logo). When that opens, look on the left hand column to find any Direct Messages you have gotten. 

Can I enter more than one lottery at a time?

Yes, you can. You can only win one, though, so if you're lucky enough to win two, you'll have to choose which item you'd like to purchase. We will then re-roll the remaining lottery to choose a new winner.