Chris Ryniak Tattoo Certificate
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Chris Ryniak Tattoo Certificate

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Chris gets a lot of requests from people asking if they can get his artwork tattooed on them, and if so, can they kick him a few bucks for it. The answer is YES!
Here's a message from Chris: 
THANK YOU, it's super flattering that anyone would want to get
one of my creations permanently marked onto their body! I have a few suggested
•PLEASE go to a reputable tattoo artist! Look at their portfolio, make sure they can handle doing CLEAN and ACCURATE linework. Look for subtlety in their black and grey work, ESPECIALLY if you're getting one of my drawings done. I HAVE seen some bad ones. I want YOU to get the best work you can on YOUR body, which means you'll have to pay more for quality, but you'll be happier that you did!


•PLEASE be careful about color. I've seen a lot of weird choices made about taking a drawing and tattooing it in color. If in doubt, have the tattoo look at my other work, especially my watercolors.


•PLEASE credit me as the original artist if you post photos of the work anywhere, it's just polite, thanks!


•PLEASE send me a GOOD photo of the finished work! I love to share your dedication with my other fans!


It's SO awesome that you want to get a tattoo of one of my designs.  Although it's not required, by purchasing this item and kicking me a few bucks, you’ll get a download of a high resolution certificate saying how awesome you are! Thanks!

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