and the COVID-19 pandemic


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to touch base about how we are managing this COVID-19 pandemic and assure you of a couple of things:

1. We're all ok. Chris and Amanda and the kids are safely holed up at home. Steve and his family are safely holed up at home. Eric and his family are safely holed up at home. Everyone has a reasonable amount of food and toilet paper and is working exclusively from home (which, in fairness, we mostly all do normally). 

2. We really hope that you're ok, too. We hope you are managing the stress of all this as well as you can, we hope you're staying home and staying safe, and we hope that you're practicing whatever self-care you can to keep yourself happy through this incredibly trying time. is still shipping, and will continue shipping as long as the US Postal Service keeps on working. They last updated their website on March 22 with their statement on how they are managing through this crisis, and as long as service continues, we will continue. 

USPS has informed us that processing centers are showing a high amount of scanning errors due to overwhelming holiday volume and the increased safety and precautionary measures for COVID-19. This means they are processing packages but tracking data is not consistently being updated. This includes the scan to show that USPS has received the package. This does not mean that your package is not on its way. USPS is asking us to allow up to 10 business days from the ship date for packages to be delivered regardless of tracking information. Please contact us if you have not received your package by that time.

Our print-on-demand products, like t-shirts and tote bags, are experiencing production delays but ARE still shipping. Right now the turnaround time for these is 20-25 business if you need one for a specific date please order WAY in advance or consider a different items. 

Some countries are experiencing massive slow-downs in customs processing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If your country is one of those (or if you're just unsure) we will happily hold your order until you want us to ship it! Here's how that works: 

1. Place your order as normal. 
2. Respond to your order confirmation email and tell Steve that you want your order held. 
3. Steve will place a 30-day hold on your order, and when that 30 days is up he will email you. If you're ready for him to ship, he'll ship. If not, we can place another hold and repeat the process. 

We hope you stay healthy and safe and happy during this crisis. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we'll keep you updated on any changes on our end. 


Distant hugs - 

Amanda & Chris & Steve & Eric


  • Amanda Louise Spayd